Ko Racha Yai

The nearby island of Ko Racha Yai is a popular day trip dive destination. It offers some fantastic diving all year round and is suitable for all levels, from beginner to seasoned divers.

Ko Racha Yai is a day trip dive destination loved by divers of all certification levels. The tropical Island features lagoons and beaches and is only 90 minutes south of Phuket. This dive site can be visited all year round, as it offers excellent diving even during the monsoon season between May and October. The reef consists mainly of hard corals and accommodates an abundance of colourful marine life. Groupers, Snapper, Barracuda and Octopus are permanent residents here. The most popular dive sites sit on the sheltered east side of the island, however there is also good diving at the north end where there are two beautiful shallow bays that gradually get deeper – suitable for student to advanced divers.

Bungalow Bay is very wide with two separate dives possible on the North and South reef shoulder. This is a good site for Discover Scuba Diving or student Open Water Divers due to the mainly sandy bottom & shallow aspect. Following the rocky reef on either side of the bay will guarantee you to see something interesting like Cuttlefish or a Haldergid nudibranch.

Siam bay is another wide bay with a sandy bottom. The reef is mostly a rocky shoulder with hard corals, but venture further out and find some bizarre underwater attractions – two life size Elephant statues sit at 15 metres/50 feet and nearby there are the remains of an underwater temple complete with guardian statues!


This Island is also well known for it’s wreck diving. There are three wrecks altogether:

The Harruby

This is the most popular wreck and it sits between Bay 1 and Bay 2 at a depth of between 18 -22 metres. She is an old steel liveaboard vessel that was sunk deliberately in 2009 to provide an underwater habitat for coral & marine life. This wreck is suitable for penetration if you have the appropriate Wreck Specialty Certification. You can see species including Batfish, Harlequin Shrimp & Ornate Ghost Pipefish on this wreck.

The Andaman Eagle

20 metres/65 feet in front of the Harruby, sits a Thai fishing boat that was also deliberately sunk in 2007 to attract marine life. The wooden construction of this vessel had led to considerable deterioration of the structure over time, but you can still expect to see Coral Banded Cleaner Shrimp & maybe even the occasional Stonefish

The Andaman Explorer

Another purposefully-sunk wreck is the Andaman Explorer, a small dive boat. She sits on the corner of Bay 1 and Homerun Reef at a depth of 20 metres/65 feet, about 40 metres/130 feet from the reef. There is little remaining of this boat apart from the roof and some remains of the hull, but it is still a haven for marine life. If you look carefully you can find Crocodile fish hidden in the sand. It is possible to dive all three wrecks in two dives.

This dive site is also very popular with snorkelers, especially on the east coast. The sheltered and shallow turquoise water, white sandy beaches and colourful coral garden make a safe and ideal environment for just floating on the surface watching the fish go by.

  • Boat trip average time: 1 hour 30 minutes
  • Depth 3-24 metres (20-80 feet)
  • Visibilty: Fair to excellent
  • Currents: Moderate

Ideal for: Discover Scuba Diving, Open water Diver , Advanced Open water Diver, Peak Performance Buoyancy Specialty, Underwater Navigation Specialty