Shark Point

Shark Point is one of the most popular local dive sites, and once you get underwater, you will see why. A series of underwater pinnacles, covered in an abundance of soft corals, surrounded by schools of teeming fish – it’s diving paradise!

Shark Point is part of a marine sanctuary and is justifiably one of the most popular local dive sites. The official Thai name for this site is ‘Hin Musang’ meaning ‘Shark Rock’. Approaching from the sea Shark Point appears as a tiny rock outcropping of no particular interest but beneath the surface lies a vast multicoloured reef teeming with marine life. The main attraction here, in addition to Leopard Sharks and vast schools of tropical fish are the colourful soft corals and huge sea fans that decorate the limestone pinnacles. There are in fact four main pinnacles on a north to south axis, dissipating into smaller rock outcrops the deeper you go. Generally only the first two pinnacles are dived as the average depth on pinnacle three and beyond is quite deep. Most divers could spend several days exploring the many interesting facets of the site, which is arguably the most popular of all the local day-trip dive sites. Currents can be brisk at this site but they tend to run parallel to the reef sections and can sometimes offer superb drift diving.

Pinnacle 1

This is the only pinnacle that is visible from the surface, with a small lighthouse on top of a small rock. Underneath the waves, this large pinnacle is covered in beautiful purple and pink soft corals and sea fans, sloping down to the sea bed 15-20 metres/50-60 feet below. This site is large enough with enough marine life to make a whole dive, although it is not always possible to circumnavigate the entire pinnacle due to current. There is an abundance of fish species with shoals of Jacks, Snapper and Fusiliers everywhere.

Pinnacle 2

This Pinnacle sits 20 metres/65 feet south of Pinnacle 1, with the deepest part around 24 metres/80 feet. Currents in the channel between can be quiet strong, so stay close to the bottom and your buddy when you cross over. Pinnacle 2 is probably the best place to see the Leopard Sharks after which this dive site was named, as there are several sandy sheltered areas where they like to rest during the day. Currents along this pinnacle can sometimes be strong, so watch your buoyancy and hug the outcrops for shelter.

Pinnacle 3

This pinnacle is less than 10 metres/30 feet south of pinnacle 2 and is bigger, with the deepest point around 30 metres/100 feet and the shallowest 10 metres/30 feet below the surface. There is an artificial reef on the north-west side, made of concrete cubes where you can find One-Spot or Five Lined snapper, and the occasional Honeycomb Moray Eel. The pinnacle can be subject to strong current and occasional down-welling, making this an experienced diver-only site.

  • Distance from Phuket: 29 km (16 miles)
  • Boat Trip average time: 1 hour 30 minutes
  • Depth: 6-24 metres (20-80 feet)
  • Visibility: Fair to excellent
  • Current: Moderate to brisk

Ideal for: Nitrox, Multi-level, Drift Diver, Under Water photography, Under Water Naturalist, Fish ID, Deep Diver